Saturday, December 25, 2010

The reverb#10 prompt for today is about photos of ourselves. I think that I might appear in a handful of photos taken this year, mostly in Virginia when we visited Brooke, Julia, and Peter, and a couple taken at John's retirement "dinner" (I use that term loosely, as dinner consisted of pizza, vegetables and dip, and cheese and crackers...and all the soda we could drink. Whoop-de-do).
I took more photos this year, though, than I have taken since I was in junior high. Most of them I snapped with my cell phone while I was walking on Red Oak Lane or North Road. Some I used John's digital camera for. Some of them actually look good, especially the ferns in fall that I am using for my desktop background on all three computers (my own two laptops and the account I use at school in the grad office). The colors are so subtle, so unexpected. Brown ferns, colored after the nighttime temperatures have dropped to frost them: all brown, right? No, there is an almost iridescent sheen of variations of purple, black, brown, and in such an intricate arrangement of interwoven leaves. It reminds me of herringbone tweed, but the colors are wild rather than subdued and conservative.

I also like the picture of the exposed root system from one of the big pines just south of the house, uprooted to show strange twists that must have been established by the tiny little root tendrils of the seedlings, twisted around each other like hair on the bathroom floor, but now grown large and muscular and almost frightening. Certainly suggestive.

After I finished my first year as a doctoral student, last June, a classmate and I had a bonfire out by the pond, and I have pictures of before (where the material dragged out of the earlier form of "girl cave" is stacked and ready) and after (where the fire is raging).

Other pictures: blueberries on the bushes at Stone Hill Blueberry Farm, where I picked many days in July and August, sunsets on the Jersey Shore from our June trip, dead pine trunks reflected on the calm surface of the big pond, many fall pictures (because I just can't get over the colors and the subtlety of the changes; it's new to me every year).

Not so many pictures of people. I prefer to see my people face to face, always have. Facebook is a good second.

I hope to work more with John's digital camera this year, and perhaps develop a gift I was given by my father and mother long ago: eyes that see beauty and artwork all around me.

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