Monday, December 13, 2010

Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?

Next, I make copies of my clinical interview questions, and send e-mails to the people who have agreed to meet with me today and tomorrow. I begin drafting my section on a curriculum and series of lessons to build understanding. Beyond that, the paper will have to wait, as I will be reading more than three dozen portfolios after I meet with my pedagogy group this morning at 9:30 to exchange my own students' work for everyone else's. I will need to schedule time with that stack of reading each day until Thursday at 1 PM when we meet to take care of third readings of disputed portfolio grades.

By Thursday, I will have all my clinical interviews finished, so I can start reading them and thinking about what I will need to acknowledge in writing them up. I will have to return to my VEE and my concept map at some time; actually, I recall now that I promised Professor Schmittau that I would make copies of a proposed concept map of peer conferences for our last class tonight...So there will have to be time spent this afternoon on that.

As soon as I hear from Cazenovia, which I don't expect until just before Christmas (I imagine they'll want to get their interviewing out of the way before the spring semester starts, so in January), I'll start preparing for an interview with them. I recall from the interviews I sat in on at Binghamton University that I will have to acknowledge that I haven't been an academic for long, but that I have been a classroom teacher longer than most of them have been alive (is that possible? I'll test the hypothesis when I research the names of the committee members who will be interviewing me).

Later, I can research how many colleges with a certain radius of our house here in West Windsor have adolescent education departments. I can start monitoring postings of job openings. I'll also need to make up some questions to ask in the interview, about assignments, time to work on my dissertation, etc.

I will need to pin down the syllabus for my writing methods class at Cortland. Changes need to be made from last spring, in light of the misunderstandings about grades. I have some very particular ideas about changes, and I've been collecting them on sticky notes, collected on the wall, making an AED 408 poster for special work in January.

Also on tap for January: some kind of report to Beth on my independent study work for the fall, and the silly gen ed report that I somehow got roped into for the SUNY Binghamton oversight group. I hope it is strictly fill in the blank. I do have to submit, though, and get it out of the way before classes start late in January.

Whew. That is just the nitty gritty stuff I have to act on. I still need to think of the poems to be written, the time spent sitting on the dike of the pond, contemplating seasons and weather and soul, the directly of my daily writing, looking into that list of writing research ideas that Beth sent me after our last foray to Panera's. John and I are limiting our January travel to weekend and day trips (no airport time) so I should be able to fit all this in...I hope!

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