Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

There are many things I should get rid of, especially material things. I could find 11 in this room alone. The garage is full of other people's stuff, some of it John's or Nate's or Zach's, each of whom are learning that they can live without those particular items, as Nate and Zach live away from here.

John cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer - not the utensil drawer with lots of knives and things, but the catch-all drawer by the telephone...[wait, how amazing is that? I have lived in this house for fifteen years, and my telephone has never been in that place, and yet I still talk about things being "by the telephone," as it was when I was a child growing up here.] Anyway, John would show me something and ask if I needed it. Of course I didn't need any of the stuff he was showing me. I wanted some of it, though, and I couldn't say why.

1. I could give up my collection of smooth, pretty, interesting stones, I suppose, but I would continue to collect stones that catch my attention when we travel, especially to beaches.

2. I should give up earrings and necklaces and bracelets I never wear (I'm thinking of two drawers or so of stuff I don't even look at for many months at a time). It would make a little girl very happy. Problem is, I am worrying about whether I could keep it to make a little grandchild happy, using it for treasure or just to try on. On the other hand, I don't expect to have grandchildren for many years...

3. I should find a way to give up my cravings for food that have brought me to this pot belly, which I should give up as a path to better long-term health.

4. I need to cull out clothing from my two closets and donate much of it. I always end up wearing the same few items, anyway. I've really narrowed down my haberdasherial needs. I do need something like an interview suit.

5. I need to give up my ownership of that classroom back at the middle school. It's becoming more and more clear that I will be resigning from that position, giving Rachel another chance to teach (with two positions open, one at the high school and mine at the middle school, she should be assured of getting one of them. I think they'd prefer her for the high school, with her experience at BU. She could so easily teach that college English class). I need to be dreaming about other positions. I've already given up my spot on the stage during the holiday assembly...haven't I?

6. This is getting more and more difficult. I need to get rid of some kitchen equipment lining the bottom shelf, most of which I have only touched to move over.

7. Many of my cassettes and CDs are things I had only to practice music for someone else. Each one that I don't really need might have ONE song on it that I would ever want to hear again; it would be nice to take that one song off, or make a list of them or something, but I really don't need the drawers and drawers filled with other people's music. It would make me feel lighter, less pressured to play this, that, or the other thing. I could just play MY music. [I am so self-centered!]

8. I need to give up my occasional feelings of guarding my privacy, preserving my "space," from John. 15 years may be the time I spent developing such borders, after a failed marriage, but it's not forever and I don't need that coping skill now.

9. I need to give up cookies, candy, cake, pie, pastries, etc. for my own health. I simply don't need all the sweet fat. This is different from giving up cravings, as in number 3, isn't it? Well, I need to give up the pot belly and the sweet fat - that's two.

10. I might need to give up my connection to this house, and prepare for someone else living in it, maybe Nathan. John and I might go live in some college community somewhere and use this for our getaway spot. We could clean it out, leave just books, kitchen stuff and linens. Basic furniture. How clean and fresh would that feel?

11. Last: I need to give up this interminable imposter syndrome. I do know what I am doing, as well as anyone else does. Better, in some topics. There are fuzzy spots, but I'm working on them.

I'll be lighter, some might say fighting weight, if I give up some of these in 2011 (I started to type 1911!!!!).

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