Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chart a Course
Friday, August 21, 2009

You’ve seen my heart at every compass point –
to the north, the south, the east, the west, we’ve met.
You’ve followed me and now you know how quick
the weeds take over paths; my paper piles
grow and shift. My plans expand and scatter wide
until retrieval flusters even me.
You’ve seen me pull life back from cliffs of chaos,
back to order, sense, and light, but not
without a cost: I weep, I sleep, I eat
whatever calls to me, with consequence.
I spiral downward, grasp at branches, roots.
Yet still you say you want to go with me.

You say, “Forever,” and I, “Forever,” back.
I take this gift you offer and head east.


mdacostax3 said...

This is really beautiful. I am unsure of who or what this piece may be about, but as I read I felt myself thinking about my significant other. The kind of person I would always want to be a part of and share experiences with. The piece also made me think of traveling-places I would love to spend my life in. Your piece gave me a very warm appreciative feeling, as though you are grateful for someone or something you have in your life-someone who accepts imperfection. This was a beautiful piece.

AShort315 said...

Wow, there is so much imagery in this poem! I like the way you have connected a relationship with travel.
When reading I felt there could be a connection with the "paper piles" and the "cliffs of chaos." In another draft perhaps they could become the same thing. You are atop the paper, which become the cliffs you are so dangerously on the edge of.
Many teachers do not express themselves, or try to form a bond with their students. Thank you for not being one of those teachers and sharing this with our class.

Cassandra McNamara said...

This poem remind me of my boyfriend and I last semester when all I do was homework and I was completely burnt out and stressed out. To me it seems as if this is meant to be a time in your life (perhaps now while you are teaching our class and you are in school yourself) when it feels like the work will never end and your significant has to help pull you back up to your feet and tell you it will be over soon.