Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009 SI


spring forth from my brain, my womb, my heart
grow and change.
glom on, ideas, and arrange yourselves
in pretty phrases,
cadenced sentences,
unified chunks.
convince readers.
stir listeners.
persuade inform delight bring tears
and sighs of agreement,
sighs of sorrow,
sighs of we-know-this-thing-called-life
familiarity and yet not quite:
give it the twist that comes from me and me alone
from my actions, my life,
from my DNA, from my loves and heartbreaks,
my biases, my peeves,
my peevishness,
my openness and love for the universe
stir me to action
persuade me of what i might not be sure of
inform me of what i can only know when i commit words
delight me with beauty
in a sound, a word, a parade of ideas
draw from me the tears i couldn't weep before
the sighs i must share and not keep to myself
and as i share them to show others
what i am finding out each day

show us that in the growth and change that happen
as we write and think and speak and listen,
there lies at the bottom of the chest
that glowing gift called

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