Saturday, June 27, 2009

The water, almost at high tide, tumbles toward me again and again, the sound of it striking the sand building and subsiding in overlapping sine waves. my ears and eyes can't get enough, and then, strangely, they overdoes so that I must close my eyes and simply listen for a bit. I open them up again to see the soft grays and blues, the frothy white, the wet sand, As I look down the beach, all the colors fade into the haze of evaporating mist and sandy cloud; the same effect as I look up the beach to the north.

The sun puts a bright gloss on the waves that crash in to my left, there to the north. My mind, my senses, are totally engaged, as the ocean smell blots out even the scent of copious amounts of sunblock. A white sail, with sun on the leading edge, emerges from the gauze of the horizon,, like part of the atmosphere, but then recedes again into the gray distance, just out of perception, or perhaps just within it. All I see here is wavering, indistinct, shape-changing, amorphous, shimmering.

My awareness and my consciousness transcend the mundane, the everyday, the voice of knowledge and civilization in my head. I am drawn from my everyday self to another place. My usual stressors are gone, replaced by the constant sensual barrage of the beach, and I am healed, as if the content of the air -- every ion, every water molecule, every mineral carried in the moisture -- were medicinal. I am healed a little more with each gust of the breeze, each lapping of a wave, each cry of a gull. I am healed.

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