Thursday, February 02, 2006

searching for the road

a blog! i must have finally entered the 21st century. as a science fiction lover, i have always dreamed of being this up-to-date. now that i have your attention, what breathless message of truth shall i put before you? i am paralyzed with consciousness. i think, therefore i exist. but not necessarily with forethought.

when i clicked on the GET YOUR OWN BLOG button, i had no idea i would really go through with this. and now, here i am before the erstwhile empty page. is there an etiquette about posting, dos and don'ts that govern the content? will i get in trouble if i post only old poems for a few days? that would help me get going. will someone complain if i post unrevised chapters of my book? will anyone read anything i type here? do i care or is it just a nice paperless place to keep my journal?

oh well i am sick of my own meanderings so i will post a new poem:

A Sense of Urgency

the candle sputters
the matches are missing
the little girl runs
from her dark dream
the woman
from her strange life
the candle sputters
the matches are missing
you can't run away
from dreams or life
face them, live them,
own up to the one
you really are.
take hold
of your own heart
take it back
the candle sputters
the matches are missing
don't let it
go out

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