Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Matter of Numbers Feb. 17, 2006

At the supermarket of hopes and dreams
I am careful to avoid the aisle of wishes.
Dangerous packages dangle from the shelves,
distracting me with their colorful boxes,
promised chocolate flavor,
and metaphorical comparisons with horses.
Horses and I have never been close.

This is no time to repair the ancient wounds
left by stampeding mares. Instead,
let’s fill my cart with healthier stuff:
retirement funds
the deed to the house
savings bonds
a hatchet
cordless drill and other sturdy tools
long underwear
lug-soled boots
oh I almost forgot my 401k
and why not take out a loan to purchase
a loader and small bulldozer?
Don’t forget the checkbook,
with the last check numbered

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