Tuesday, February 07, 2006

another lonely night. the time is filled up with whatever i can muster: solitaire on the computer screen, a trip to the fitness center, a bowl of apple and banana and caramel, another chapter of the sequel i just don't like (give it up and return it to the library; it is overdue anyway).

last night i read seventh graders' test papers; today i read sixth graders' test papers, responses to a listening selection during the testing a few weeks ago. sometimes they were so cute and i laughed out loud, annoying the other teachers scoring at my table, who teach sixth grade and did not think it was at all cute when students used the planning page to draw a funny little lion like the one in the story and a dark cave behind it. i suppose i'll be edgy like that next week, but on the other hand, i might just be sick and tired of scoring next week when we read the eighth grade papers.

why do we have to increase the testing to every year? what is it that we hope to discern? we may have no poets left when we finally cease this annual punishment, and the last test papers float to the ground after the explosion of wrath. we might not like the monster that this formula writing can create. florida is dealing with its monster right now as thousands reach college age after testing that required acronyms and formulae to get kids through the foolish assignments.

and still i come home to an empty cold house. i talk to this blog, instead of a real person. this blog cannot stroke my skin or pull me close. this blog just takes my words and lays them flat to dry, to swirl out there in the ether, until they disintegrate, reborn as cyber-dust.

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T`bou said...

awwww, sound like a night of solitude. Sometimes I embrace my loneliness to get to know me inside or just reflect upon my dreams and desires. But still there's nothing like having someone to hold you close or to smell your scent as you snuggle into each other.

Thanks for visiting me at my blog, I'm going to have many lonely nights as I write so I'll come over here and keep you company. Be blessed!